About us

Sketch Studio


Sketch Studio is a development and extension of Sketch Cafe. It is a place of self-expression and discovery of various values of colour, colourings and the birth of creativity on the rhythms of drawing, sculpting and artistic composition. Here is a place to unleash imagination, creativity and development of skills with new concepts of leadership. You may wonder, why there is Sketch Studio?


In this matter, artist Mattar Bin Lahej says, ”We have created Sketch Studio to compliment our art mission and our path to our commitment and responsibility towards the society. This responsibility began when I established Marsam Matar in 1991 and I am still continuing my efforts to support and discover young talents. But the concept of Sketch Studio will come in line with the fast pace of modern life. In other words, Sketch Studio will adopt a practical concept of communication and connecting with people in terms of proximity, easy dealing strategy, skills development”


In the orbits of artist Mattar Bin Lahej, everything revolves around art, its unlimited space and a sense of social responsibility towards the homeland in all its aspects, towards heritage, development and sustainability.